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Dear Father, I am writing to you in response to the question posted in báo Trái Tim Đức Mẹ số 294, "why are you a Catholic?" I am a Catholic because God has chosen me to be one and also it is because I choose to be one like numerous other Catholics. I was born into a Catholic Family. As a result, some people might correlate my being Catholic to my family's religion. However, I assure you that I am a Catholic not because I must obediently follow my parents' religion; rather, I am a Catholic because I believe in God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I believe in the Virgin Mary, who bore the savior of this sinful world. I feel lucky to have been born into a Catholic family, because through my family, I got introduced to the Catholic religion. Being a Catholic is the greatest gift that God has bestowed upon me and I am truly thankful for that gift. To be honest, it took me quite a while to realize how important God is in my life. When I was younger, I had a tendency to go to church because my mother made me. As I grow older, I have come to understand that I attend mass because Jesus reveals himself through the wine and bread that the priest offers, not because I want to please my mother. Every time I put my feet in the chapel, a feeling of peacefulness would take over me. That is when I know that God is there. He is waiting for me to talk to Him. He is there to listen to my problems. Also, He is there to share my joy and sorrow of each day. Through my 19 years of living, God has been there for me every step of my life. He is present through my loving family and caring friends. He is present in the people whom I have the opportunities to encounter daily. He is present through the beautiful nature that He has created for us. He is ALWAYS ALWAYS around me. I am a Catholic because God has called upon me and I have answered him with a simple "yes". I am a Catholic because God has sent my parents and give them the message: "Let your child learn about Catholicism". I am truly grateful that my parents have introduced me to Catholicism. Otherwise, I would be missing out so much. Thank you, Father, for reading my long, long letter. God bless you always. Sincerely yours, Proud to be a Catholic. (Một độc giả ở Pennsylvania)  

Độc giả thân mến,
Xin cám ơn một độc giả ở Pensylvania và bạn Proud to be Catholic.  Độc giả có thấy như vậy không?

L.m. Francis Lương Minh Tri,CMC Phụ Trách

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