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I as hoping to find out what number is Pope John Paul II is, for example, is he the 24th pope in the Catholic community or 26th something like that). And I want to ask the birthdate of the Catholic church. Thank you, if its not too much trouble I was hoping if the pope or someone can give me the answer, please I need your help. Thank you once again.  (Chi anh Ngo)  

Dear Chi Anh Ngo, 
I am not the pope nor someone but I try to offer you my answer.  To my knowledge, the number 2 in  John Paul II means that he is the second pope whose name is John Paul.  John Paul I  lived only 30 days as  pope.   After his death, Cardinal  Karol Wojtyla was elected bishop of Rome 1978.  He chose the name John Paul, so he is John Paul II.  He is the 263rd successor of St. Peter as bishop of Rome.  He is the 264 th Pope of the Church, the first non-Italian Pope since 1523; the first Polish Pope in the history of the Church.

Some consider that  the Catholic Church was born when Jesus was died in year 33 because the Church is to continue the work of Jesus.  Others think it was born 50 days later on the feast of Pentecost: the Holy Spirit descent on the disciples ; Peter preched and 3000   conversed and the first comunity ws established.  Both feast are on Jewish calendar based on the moon.  The date in Georgian calendar is not fixed similar to our Vietnamese Tet; it takes different  date each year.
On the other hand, because the Church is people of God, it has origin when God called Abraham,  when God called Moses.

L.m. Francis Lương Minh Tri,CMC Phụ Trách

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